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  • SIEMENS DRIVER UNIT  00322513S03
  • SIEMENS DRIVER UNIT  00322513S03


Lead time: 1-3 days
Shipping ways: DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS,EMS,by SEA
Payment methods: Wire transfer,PayPal,Credit card,MoneyGram,West Union
Warranty: 1-6 months, accordingly



Parts Number




Lead time

1-3 days after payment

Payment term

T/T,Western Union ,PayPal,


By Air( DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT,EMS..)

Part list:

00322745S01 Fuellstueck
00322746S01 Long-Lok-Schraube
00322748S01 Mitnehmer, komplett
00322753S04 Abholfenster 12/16mm
00322774-02 BE-Magazin lang B8,0/H3,2/LE5
00322789-01 Schutzlasche rechts
00322791-02 Lagerbock  1
00322795-01 Beilage
00322803-02 Eslon-Scheibe mit Barcode Schwenktuer 2
00322804-02 Eslon-Scheibe mit Barcode Schwenktuer 4
00322822S03 Servocontroller
00322864-01 NRS Druckluftverteiler kurz
00322901-02 Pipette SOKO 4xx f.JST-Stecker ZR
00323044S05 Pipettenmagazin 7/9xx
00323049S02 Pipettenabwurf SP6/12 (S20)
00323052S01 Abziehdraht SP6/12
00323077S05 Abwurfbehaelter SP6/12
00323146-02 Motherboard IC-Beleuchtung
00323147S03 Stromeinpraegung IC-Beleuchtung
00323187S01 Hubmagnet, komplett
00323190S01 Motor-DC kompl.
00323208S04 Abholfenster 24/32mm
00323209-01 Abdeckklappen Typ3 Laengsfoerderer
00323210-01 Klappe kpl..Achse u. Anschlagschr. Typ3
00323211-01 BE-Anschlag Typ3 Vibrationslaengsfoerd.
00323212-01 Zentrierstueck Vibrationslaengsf. Typ3
00323213-01 Druckfeder Fimecor Vibr.laengsf. Typ3
00323214-01 Betaetigungsschraube an Hubmagnet
00323216-01 Betaetigungsschraube Klappenoeffn. unten
00323217S01 Stromvers.kabel (steckb.) n.f.Typ3 Foerd
00323219-01 Hubmagnet Fimecor-Vibrationsfoerderer
00323220-03 Steuerelektronik kpl. Vibrationslaengsf
00323223S02 Praez.Rast-O-Ring 6x1 gefett.m.Montageh.
00323226S01 Rast-O-Ring 3,5x1
00323257-02 Fuehrungseinheit HSR25LR1SS+598L-II
00323361-02 Winkel 25x25x2x150
00323371-03 Kugelumlaufeinheit HSR 15 R1 CSE+100L
00323372-03 Kugelumlaufeinheit HSR 15 R1 CSE+120L
00323534S01 Durchflussduesen-Schalldaempfer
00323535S02 O-Ring 6*1 Viton 60 - gefettet  *E=00323223S02
00323568-02 Pipette SOKO 6xx / D 7 / d 5
00323570-02 Pipette SOKO 4xx f. JST-Stecker PH
00323573-01 Steckersatz f. Wechseltisch
00323589-01 Traegerblech f. Monitor MCM1404
00323623-01 Distanzhuelse d10x21
00323633-01 Nachruestsatz Lagerg.+Verdrehs.montiert
00323635-02 BE-Magazin lang B13/H3/LE20
00323706S01 Zahnrad1-Bestueckkreis komplett
00323709S01 Zahnrad1-Abwurfkreis komplett
00323726S01 BE-Vision SIPLACE 80F4

Here is what Qinyi can do for you:

1. Qinyi Electronics Has stocks of feeders, nozzles, motors, servo, filters....etc.  ForThe well-known brand like JUKI, Yamaha, Samsung, Siemens, Sanyo, Assembleon, Sony, FUJI, I-pulse..., we support the original new &refurbished parts, and at the same time, we also support the OEM parts with competitive price with good quality. You need any spare? Just let us know the parts number!

2. Qinyi support repair service for PCB, motor, servo, valve ....etc., we do that to save your cost!
3. Buy and sell surplus SMT equipment, if you need any equipment, or need to sell your surplus equipment, just draw us an e-mail or call us now!
4. Software, including programing, Optimization...., much lower price than from Agent! You can try!

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