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  • SIEMENS MOTOR 00334154
  • SIEMENS MOTOR 00334154


Lead time: 1-3 days
Shipping ways:DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS,EMS,by SEA
Payment methods:Wire transfer,PayPal,Credit card,MoneyGram,West Union
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Lead time

1-3 days after payment

Payment term

T/T, LC,DDP,PayPal, MoneyGram


By Air( DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT,EM

00302999-01 Feinsicherung 5x20 / MT 3,15A / glas
00303006-01 Traegerplatte
00303016S01 Schnellentlueftungsventil MEV-2-M5
00303018-01 Fuehrungssaeule
00303019-01 Halteblech
00303087S01 Zahnstange
00303088S01 Schlauchverbindung T-PK-3
00303095S01 AMP-QUICK Stecker Bu 11polig
00303099-01 O-Ring 2*1,5 NBR 70 B
00303110S01 O-Ring 4*1,2 NBR 70 B
00303140-01 Schmierfett Isoflex Topas L30
00303162S01 Schlauchverbindung L-PK-2, bearbeitet
00303167-01 Stecker Z-Hub/Portalplatine
00303168-01 Kabel Schraubenzieher II
00303169-03 Kabel Schraubenz.I/Portalplat.
00303181S01 Isolierschlauch 3,0 tr länge 1m
00303290S02 Umsetzplatine - IC-Kopf
00303325S02 Umsetzplatine-Kopf
00303392S01 Gluehlampe 28V/1,2W
00303394-01 Loctite 601 Fuegeverbindung Hochfest
00303431-02 Sinustester Siplace
00303432-03 Motorsteuerkartentester Siplace
00303447-01 DIN 172 - A 18x16
00303469-06 WATCHDOG NEU
00303485S01 Zugfeder 4*17,5*0,36
00303497-01 Synchronrad T=5/z=15 n.Zchng.
00303521-01 Batterie Lithium 3,6V Mignon Flaechenkon
00303523S02 WPW Maschinencontroller KSP-A18-A8
00303537S02 Kartuschenfuehrung kpl.
00303547S01 O-Ring 9,5*1,78 VMQ 70 rot
00303551S01 Klemmring PK-3
00303552S01 Spannzange PK-3
00303553S01 O-Ring 4*1,5 NBR 62
00303585-01 Sonarbero 3RG6 / 6-30cm / 1S
00303586-04 Achsanzeigebaugruppe
00303614-03 Haubenschalter Einlauf
00303615-03 Haubenschalter links
00303616-03 Haubenschalter rechts
00303617-03 Haubenschalter Auslauf
00303631S02 Y-Motoreinheit
00303636-02 Verbindungskabel:Siplace -- Siplace
00303637-02 Verbindungskabel:Siplace -- HS180/SP120
00303652-01 3TK28010DB4 Sicherheitskombination
00303771-02 Endschalter-Betaetiger
00303772-02 Endschalter-Betaetiger
00303786-01 Mitnehmer
00303827-01 Riemenspanner
00303910-01 Endschalter f. Kollisionsschutz
00303916-02 Kugelgewindetrieb 20x20
00303922-01 Zahnriemen-Synchroflex 16 AT5/375
00303925-04 Drehantrieb
00303930S01 Naeherungsschalter 8x8 / sn=1,5mm / 1S
00303931-01 Zahnriemen-Synchroflex 10 M2,032/256
00303932-01 Mikroschalter V4T9 / V4-Serie
00303936-01 Rillenkugellager 2*5*1,5 ULK 205 X
00303937S01 Rillenkugellager 4*7*2,5 ULZ 407 X
00303945S01 Bero 3RG4603 2AB00 /3,0mm/sn=0,6mm/1S
00303949-03 Vakuumrohr f.Stern
00303950-01 Miniaturkugellager 5*8*2,5 MF 85 ZZS
00303951-03 Schlitten-Vertikalhebel
00303952-01 Miniaturkugellager 5*8*2,5 MR 85 ZZS
00303953-01 Rillenkugellager 3*10*4 623-ZZS
00303954-01 Rillenkugellager 2*5*2,3 682-ZZS
00303955-01 Gasfeder  350N, Hub 60
00303970S01 Linearkugellager 10*17*22 ZA
00303987-01 Synchronscheibe Al 18,5 AT3/20-0 n.Zchng
00304037S06 Rasterblech
00304041S02 Vakuumanschluss
00304043-02 Bügel
00304048-01 Viledon Filtermatte 225*362

Why Choose us?

Ever Since the first day of establishment, Qinyi Electronics has play the role of SMT industrial solution provider, it serve customer from domestic and oversea, with good quality production and service, with its commitment to"Product, honesty, Speed", now Qinyi Electronics has own its credit and satisfaction from customers, and which is most treasured, and also what is our seeking for.

Here is what Qinyi can do for you:

1. Qinyi Electronics Has stocks of feeders, nozzles, motors, servo, filters....etc.  For

The well-known brand like JUKI, Yamaha, Samsung, Siemens, Sanyo, Assembleon, Sony, FUJI, I-pulse..., we support the original new &refurbished parts, and at the same time, we also support the OEM parts with competitive price with good quality. You need any spare? Just let us know the parts number!
2. Qinyi support repair service for PCB, motor, servo, valve ....etc., we do that to save your cost!
3. Buy and sell surplus SMT equipment, if you need any equipment, or need to sell your surplus equipment, just draw us an e-mail or call us now!
4. Software, including programing, Optimization...., much lower price than from Agent! You can try!

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