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  • XP242 1.0 Nozzle PN ADNPN8236
  • XP242 1.0 Nozzle PN ADNPN8236

XP242 1.0 Nozzle PN ADNPN8236

Lead time: 1-3 days
Shipping ways:DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS,EMS,by SEA
Payment methods:Wire transfer,PayPal,Credit card,MoneyGram,West Union
Warranty:  1-6 months, accordingly 


XP242 1.0 Nozzle PN ADNPN8236

Parts Number ADNPN8236

XP242 1.0 Nozzle PN ADNPN8236

Lead time

1-3 days after payment

Payment term T/T, LC,DDP,PayPal, MoneyGram
Shipment By Air( DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT,EMS)

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